Medically Supervised

Weight loss Plan

We Help obese people Achieve Sustainable weight loss

Why Medical Weight Loss Management

We understand that you have tried practically everything to lose weight in the past and have been unsuccessful

In recent years, obesity rates in the World have sky rocketed and India is no exception.

Surgery should be the last resort after all these attempts at weight loss have failed.

During the Corona pandemic , it has been seen and reported by most countries that obesity and its associated diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc are the number one risk factor for getting a COVID-19 Infection and death from it.

Recognizing that surgery is not for everyone and only for those with a body mass index greater than 37.5, we have taken our current post surgical weight loss program and modified it to help those trying to avoid surgery.

You will find our doctor has vast experience tailoring individualized programs for both Adults and Adolescents. We not only motivate people to lose weight but we teach them the healthy lifestyle that will make them successful long-term.

One-on-one Consulting

The program involves lot of personal teaching and discussions. You will learn about obesity and fat loss and acquire  in depth understanding of deep health.

Advise on Sleep and exercise

We teach you the importance of sleep hygiene and role of exercise in health. People are confused what exercise to do and how much is needed. Don't worry we got you.

Digital Products

You will be shared PDF files and books for you to understand what you are suffering from and what needs to be done.

10 Unique Benefits of Our Weight Loss Program

Get rid of your hunger forever

Hunger and cravings are one thing which prevents us from following a healthy eating plan. With our lifestyle program, we eliminate the first hurdle preventing us from being healthy and lose weight.

Are you fed up of Meal Plans

Don't worry! We don't provide a set meal plan. We want you to eat all you want, from a list of more than a hundred healthy things to eat. You have the liberty to decide your recipe from the list. All we ask you to do is choose ingredients from the list and create your delicious meal.

No need to use apps for what you eat

Maintaining a food diary is not only impractical but has been proven to be ineffective towards any nutritional goal. At VIGOS, we don't ask our clients to maintain any food diary, nor there is any need of such apps to store your data. Being healthy should not be complicated at all.

You don't need to count calories 

Every dietitian and nutritionist wants their clients to calculate and restrict calories. Well, there is no accurate way of doing so, and you will err by 30%. Science has already proven that the calorie quality is more important than quantity. Stop counting them forever.

Prevents or reverses Type 2 Diabetes

Yes, you read it correctly. Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is reversible if you treat it early and prevent all its complications. T2DM is a dietary disease and can be reversed permanently with the right dietary advice. Having T2DM alone can be a reason enough to change your lifestyle.

The program is science based

At VIGOS, we practice the most current scientific evidence to help our clients. We discourage blind beliefs and faiths regarding nutritional advice. We don't believe in coincidence and chance occurrence of benefits seen in people.

The only way to burn fat well

Have you never heard of it before? Neither did we. Any workout schedule is less likely to give you a result if your diet isn't appropriate. To start using your body fat for energy is the healthiest approach. Unfortunately, with the current eating pattern, our body fat is inaccessible.

Sustainable weight loss is the goal

Every diet gives you some amount of weight loss. But the diet which gives a sustainable weight loss is what we accomplish. We teach a lifestyle that most of us can sustain over the years.

Proven method  to lose fat

Obesity is the most common reason for people to change their diet. Though it is a disease by itself, more often it is a symptom of other critical diseases. Insulin resistance is at the centre of obesity and many other chronic diseases. Reduce insulin resistance with diet and intermittent fasting, and you become healthy. Sounds simple but it is not.

Obesity Surgery is avoidable

Obesity surgery is today a gold standard of treating patients with obesity and related metabolic conditions. But it can be avoided or deferred if one follows a medically supervised science-based program like ours. Every obese patient is mandated to follow at least 3 months of such programs before undergoing surgery.

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